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Martina Armour

David is an amazing producer and songwriter who really brings your project to life. He really pays attention to details and listens to your vision and delivers a finished project way above your expectation. David is such a sweet person and so easy to communicate with! I cannot recommend him enough!!



I'd summarize David as an excellent communicator with valuable ideas to develop songs without over-developing them...David brought my song right where it needs to be. I suspect that's why he's become such an attuned producer; you can feel his genuine care and passion for understanding your music.

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Spence Hood

David and I are currently working on our seventh track together, and there's a reason I'm sure it won't be our last. He is an extremely skilled, patient, down-to-earth dude whose open-mindedness in the studio makes for really smooth song-making...cannot recommend him highly enough!

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Marina Bennett

I've had the pleasure of working on several projects with David now as well as co-writing with him and he is SUCH an incredible producer/writer/mixer/vocalist/musician...I'd give him 10 stars if I could, he's really talented and your project will definitely shine with his magic touch on it!

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I have had the honor of working with David on four separate tracks. I am continually blown away every time I hear the final production! Everything has such a level of polish and just the right amount of ear candy...besides the level of quality in regards to production, David is so easy to work with!

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